Hacking Through The Glass Ceiling: Women in tech unite against breast cancer

Breast cancer is the second deadliest cancer.

BUT it has the highest survival rate.

Therefore prevention is the best cure.


Self chec, in partnership with gyro and Startup Institute, are asking attendees to come up with innovative tools to help women learn and adhere to an effective self-examination schedule. 



Studies show women are more likely to take care of others even at the expense of their own healthy habits. The challenge is to help women transform unhealhty, individual habits into healthy, collective ones. 

This is a female focused hack but, just like breast cancer, men are a part of this too. We look forward to seeing all of you!

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Jen Refat
Full Stack Dev- Refinery29

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Wendy Lurrie
Managing Director - Gyro NY

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Joan Peckolick
Fouder - Self chec

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Toni Hess
Chief Creative Officer - Wunderman

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Hannah Oppenheimer
Full Stack Dev - Epion Health

Judging Criteria

  • Creates a behavior change
    It must take advantage of the natural inclination to help others over oneself.